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Professional wooden flooring Dublin


We are happy to announce that we have successfully accomplished the broadening of the range of our services to include also wooden flooring Dublin. It is possible now to make use of our extremely professional and reliable services which will allow you to arrenge your interior according to your taste and design ideas.

What deas our wooden flooring Dublin service include?

  • professional and complex wooden floor fitting
  • wooden floor installation
  • laminate wooden flooring

Laminate wooden flooring

Our company provide the most reliable, experienced and skilled laminate flooring fitters and installers to give you the right level of proficiency as well as unmatched quality of our laminate flooring products.

Professional laminate flooring services are one of the most basic ones in order to provide your interior with an appropriate type of wooden flooring which will last long and turn extremely easy to maintain.

Our professional laminate flooring fitters and installers will offer you the right taste as well as design of the laminate flooring products so that they suit the place you want. We can arrange the laminate floors with all possible groove sorts which will make the interior look more cosy, comfortable and fashionable than before.

Wooden floor installation

We are ready to offer you comprehensive and professional  wooden floor installation of all sorts of wooden floors including softwood flooring and hardwood flooring services. All of these are easy to maintain and to kip fit for a relatively low amount of money.

We offer one of the most attractive and unrivalled price levels for our wooden floor installation services. If necessary, you can visit us directly at our office or contact us by phone or mail to discuss the product type which will be best for you.

Below we provide the list of some of the services included in our wooden floor installation:

  • removal of old and used wooden floors
  • preparation of the surface for a new woden flooring
  • professional floor fitting, installation, sanding and polishing
  • finishing touches and inspections after the completion of the work
  • effective maintenance service
  • and many more...

Wooden floor fitting

Top Painting Dublin offer complex wooden floor fitting works which all aim at providing you with the best installation and fitting for your wooden floors.Our wooden flooring Dublin company possess a range of extremely well-prepared and experienced fitters and engineers which choose the appropriate flooring materials, and decide with you how to arrange the floor (what patterns, designs, etc would suit you best). We lay the subfloors for a new wooden flooring, we fit all the pieces of wood hammering them together and perform all other professional works so that a newly installed wooden floor will last for many years.

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